Born and raised in the town of Tequila in Jalisco Mexico, brothers Sergio Juarez and Gerardo Juarez, grew up learning about the tradition  and myths behind all Tequila product.

The Juarez brothers joined the rest of their family in growing agave at their Family Hacienda about 7 years ago and are now exporting their distilled Tequila to America.

In honor of the Aztec Myths and legends behind the originality of the drink and to their loyal Mexican hairless chihuahua, Xolo who is also as Mexican as the Tequila grown in their hacienda where Agave has been cultivated for almost a century.

¡Ay chihuahua! Tequila is a celebration of the Mexican Aztec traditions and culture, bottled into a delicious Tequila beverage.

The Project:

Aztecs. Divine. Tequila.

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