Decor Remodeling was established in 1997 when CEO and Founder Cesar Vargas was inspired by a desire to treat customers with the care and honesty they deserve.

Offering a wide variety of services from handyman tasks to interior remodeling and exterior remodeling Decor Remodeling has invested in all necessary equipment required to provide all kinds of remodeling jobs in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Decor Remodeling believes that residents expect quality work and thus ensures that all work provided is held to a higher standard so the customer is always satisfied with the results.

In order to stand out from its competitors this interior and exterior remodeling company has decided to go for a top-to-bottom re-branding, including a new marketing\ campaign, as a means to explain it’s services better to all current and future customers to give them a better understanding of all services provided.


The Project:

Refresh. Rebuild. Remodel.

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